Kombucha Sourdough Starter

Kombucha Sourdough Starter

Make your own gluten-free sourdough starter using kombucha.
Author Melissa Torio


For feeding:

  • ½ cup brown rice flour
  • ½ cup filtered water or plain kombucha


  • In a clean glass jar, add flour, kombucha yeast and kombucha. Mix together. Cover with a tight-weave dishcloth and use an elastic to keep it in place. Keep away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

Feeding your starter:

  • Discard ½ cup starter, then add ½ cup brown rice flour and ½ cup water or plain kombucha everyday to feed it.

Using your starter:

  • When the starter is bubbly and lively, use it with your favourite gluten-free sourdough recipe.


  • You can substitute with sorghum flour.